October 17, 2018

WAM – Wet & Messy or Sploshing is a fetish for people using food &/or drink like custard, beans, cream & involves different tastes, textures smells & temperatures. Can include eating the foods off the other person being covered, often on bare skin to heighten sensitivity.  

Wartenberg Wheel – Little metal pinwheel that can run over a partner’s nipples or other erogenous zones. Used as part of medical play by a doctor on a patient. Was originally created to test nerve reactions.

Wax Play – Special candles with a low melting temperature are used. NOT normal candles! Feeling the hot wax being poured on your skin releases a surge of adrenaline leading to arousal. Experiment with things to remove the wax as sensually as it went on. 

Worship – Body worship is revering a part of the body. A Dom will specify a part of the like feet to be worshipped & give instruction on exactly how that must be done.

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