October 17, 2018

Vampirism Sexual – Attraction to vampires, or people pretending to be vampires.

Vanilla – A term used to describe sex a persons sexual behaviour that is basic, conventional & straight forward.

Veil fetish – Veils are fetishised not just for the way they feel, look or what they hide but also what they represent e.g. bridal veils, harem veils or burkas. So get creative!

Vicarphilia – The hearing of other people’s sexual experiences which requires the person sharing the story to be the person who experienced it. 

Vincilagnia – Being turned on from being tied up or tying others up. 

Vitaphilia – The erotic attraction to living beings, the opposite of necrophillia. 

Vorarephilia – An imaginary fetish of being swallowed or swallowing whole with no blood shed. 

Voyeurism – Sexual arousal from watching other people in sexual acts without their knowledge.

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