October 17, 2018

Tease & denial – This form of erotic domination requires no pain or bondage & involves keeping the other person in a high state of arousal & reducing stimulation enough so that orgasm is denied before bringing them to the edge of climax again & again. When eventually they are allowed to come orgasm is explosive. Always get consent & be respectful of a partners limits. 

Topping from the bottom – When a bottom (sub) want things their own way & tries to control the scene even though they should submit. This can be part of the agreed scene you are playing out or something that the slave should be punished for. 

Toys – Anal plugs, dildos, paddles, floggers, whips, sex toys & costumes are all about injecting fun into your relationship. Experiment on your own first so you can direct your play partner as to how you like to be played with & with what. Some people find this daunting so take it easy & slowly, play & explore respecting boundaries & limits. 

Two-spirited – Also known as Bedarche. A person who is both masculine & feminine. 

Transgender – A person whose gender identity does not match that person’s biological sex. This may include someone who was born biologically female who feels biologically male, vice versa, or something else altogether. 

Transsexual – A person who was born one biological sex but who feels that she or he is a different sex & has sex realignment surgery.

Transvestite/cross dresser –  A person who dresses in the clothing typically associated with a different gender. 

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