October 17, 2018

Safe word – Does’t need to just be a word. If bound & gagged you could drop something like a ball that makes a noise or flashes to show you want to stop the activity immediately. This action must always be acted upon. 

Sadism – Sexual pleasure from hurting others.

Sensation play – This can be sensual, where the sensations are generally pleasing & light (think feathers, silk scarves & ice) or refer to the infliction of actual pain say with a paddle which then releases pleasurable endorphins. 

Scissoring/Tribadism – when two women rub their clits together for pleasure. 

SSC – keeping activities Safe, Sane, & Consensual.

S&M scenarios – This is when you set aside time to role play. 

Sacofricosis – the intentional fondling whilst ones hands are in ones pocket. 

Salirophillia – the intentional dirtying or soiling of ones clothes with mud for example.  

Soft limit – An activity that someone may be nervous or hesitant to try or would rather avoid, but that isn’t banned like a hard limit is. Soft limits are boundaries that a person may be open to slowly exploring or testing in a safe & controlled space with someone they trust.

Squashing – A sexual act that involves a large person jumping or falling onto their partner crushing them with their immensity.

Slave – S&M term to describe the submissive. 

Subspace – That very special place the submissive or masochist enters when he/she reaches a natural chemical high &/or change in mental &/or emotional balance of the brain chemistry & state of mind. Achieved when total trust is in place with his/her Dominant & total immersion into the scene or act. Aftercare is imperative of the sub as they may not be capable of making rational decisions & will need grounded before they leave. Plenty of water is also advisable.  

Switch –  is someone who enjoys both the dominant & submissive role.

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