October 17, 2018

Electrophilia – Also known as electrocutophilia, is a fetish for electricity such as receiving mild electrical shocks to sensitive bits of the body. Specialist machines are used, define limits before trying & only play with people who know what they are doing. For some a mild tingle is enough, others want the maximum thrill which can result in great danger.

Edgeplay – One partner pushing the other to the very limits of what they’re willing to do or have done to them. ONLY do this with someone you trust.

Emetophilia – Is the sexual arousal from vomiting, or watching others vomit. Sight, smell & sensationn will intensify

Endytophilia – A fetish for clothed sex, with one or both partners fully clothed.

Ephebophilia – Sexual attraction to teenagers, but not post-teen adults.

Erotographomania – When you write about or draw sexual things in order to turn yourself on &/or climax.

Erotophobia – Fear of sex that either prevents you from having sex or makes some hate people who have particular kinds of sex.

Erotophonophilia – Finding sexual release in the thought &, in some cases, act of killing another person.

Exhibitionism – Being sexual in public e.g. flashing, public nudity & public sex acts. 

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