October 17, 2018

Celibacy – The decision not to engage in sexual behaviours, whether in the current time or in the future. Don’t be surprised, not everyone who is kinky needs to have sex to be satisfied & fulfilled.

CBT – Cock & Ball Torture. The dominant will bind, whip, or use their high-ass heels to step on their submissive’s cock & balls to consensually torture them.

Chremastistophilia – The arousal when being robbed or held up.

Consent – Mutual agreement or approval; the cornerstone of any sexual activity.

Communication – It takes courage & vulnerability to expose one’s intimate desires, especially for the first time.

An open discussion should be met with respect & kindness from all involved. Do research, be open minded, ready to compromise & be flexible to understand different view points with a nondefensive attitude. Set a time where neither of you will be interrupted & gently explore this wonderful world.

Cuffs – Handcuffs are a great & simple way to achieve domination in the bedroom. They don’t just have to be made of metal, they can be made from soft material, tape (hard & painful to remove), bondage tape (easy & pain free to remove), or rope. Also for those who are apprehensive start with them unlocked or just one locked until you build up confidence. Always keep keys & scissors close for immediately if necessary. 


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