October 17, 2018

Aftercare – kink & fetish is fun, but it can also be intense. In any scenario where you are doing something you aren’t used to or a power exchange takes place, it’s important for the dominant partner to check in and make sure the submissive is feeling calm, secure and emotionally grounded. Be aware it can also take time for the submissive to get back into a normal state of mind after a scenario. Everyone is different & each time needs special consideration. Make sure you have recovery time factored in. Drink plenty of water & make sure you are grounded. Be realistic. Take responsibility for what you need to make that transition back to normality. No point having the time of your life if you can’t tell anyone because you get run over.

Anal – Use plenty of lube & go gently. As with everything consideration is key. When someone is relaxed they will be able to enjoy the experience much more. Watch breathing, movements & listen.

Analingus – A person’s mouth &/or tongue is used to stimulate a partner’s anus, also known as rimming.

Androgynous – Someone or something that is gender neutral or non-gendered.

Apotemnophilia – The fetish for having an amputation.

Autoandrophilia – The arousal by a biological female imagining herself as a male.

Agalmatophilia – sexual arousal from an attraction to statues, dolls, mannequins &/or other similar body shaped objects.

Autovampirism imagining yourself as a vampire.

Autozoophilia – imagining yourself as an animal or plush toy.

Asexual – an individual who is not sexually attracted to any person.

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